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Editor --- "Books received or noted" [2002] NZJlEnvLaw 12; (2002) 6 NZJEL 327

Last Updated: 12 February 2023


Books Received or Noted

New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law Monograph Series

Vol. 1 Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society, edited by Klaus Bosselmann and David Grinlinton (2002), 197 pages. ISBN 0-473-08646-8

The text comprises contributions by seven authors who examine the history, current trends and future prospects for sustainable development, with particular emphasis on the Resource Management Act 1991(NZ). Chapter titles comprise “Origins and guiding ideas of environmental law”; “Contemporary environmental law in NZ”; “Trends in North America and Europe”; “International environmental law and policy”; “The concept of sustainable management”; “One indigenous vision for sustainable development law? Tensions and prospects”; “The global perspective: convergence of international and municipal law”; “A legal framework for sustainable development”. The work includes a 33-page bibliography of published NZ environmental law writing under indexed subject areas. This work will be invaluable for persons researching sustainable management issues. ($29.95 per volume.)

Vol. 2 Climate Change in New Zealand: scientific and legal assessments, by Klaus Bosselmann, Jenny Fuller and Jim Salinger (2002), 152 pages. ISBN 0- 473-08655-7

This timely work analyses the nature of climate change and scientific assessments, the Government’s preferred policy, and the role of local government in addressing climate change obligations. An informative work having regard to the enactment of the Climate Change Response Act 2002 and the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by the NZ Government in December 2002. ($29.95 per volume.)

Other Publications

Environmental Regulation through Financial Organisations: Comparative Perspectives on the Industrialised Nations, by Benjamin J Richardson, Kluwer Law International (2002), 407 pages. ISBN 90-411-1735-0

The text comprises seven chapters divided into two parts. The first part is headed “Environmental Law; Between the State and the Market”. The chapter titles are

328 New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law

“Redesigning environmental governance for shared responsibility”; “From administrative governance to market liberalism”; and “Regulation of ecological modernisation”. The second part is headed “Financial Institutions”. The chapter titles are “Institutional investment”; “Banks and development finance”; “Insurance markets”; and the “Conclusion”. The book evaluates the role of private financial organisations in environmental regulation. The thesis is that the effectiveness of environmental regulation can be enhanced by government enrolment of financial service organisations, notably banks, insurers and institutional investors, into regulatory programmes. The book seeks to bring the financial services sector within the purview of environmental policy analysis. The text contains an impressive wealth of academic research and an outstanding environmental vision for financial institutions in the 21st century.

Environmental Law and Enforcement in the Asia-Pacific Rim, general editor Terri Moorshead, Sweet & Maxwell Asia (2002), 649 pages. ISBN 962-661- 023-9

The book comprises 18 chapters including the chapters headed introduction and conclusion. In the main part, the work covers the environmental regulatory legal systems in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States of America, and Vietnam. The text contains a valuable introduction by the 20 expert authors to the multitude of relevant laws in a clear and informative style.

Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities, edited by Daniel C Esty & Maria H Ivanova, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (2002) 255 pages. ISBN 0-9707882-2-3

Global-scale environmental problems require joint global action. The volume picks up where the World Summit on Sustainable Development left off, and provides a reflective reform agenda to promote better international co-operation on global issues such as climate change. Drawing on a range of experts from five continents, the book reflects an interdisciplinary perspective.

Books Received or Noted (2002) 329



The New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law


Johannesburg Plus 1:

Implementing Sustainable Development in the Asian and Pacific Region

Date 20–22 November 2003, venue Hyatt Regency Hotel, Auckland

The NZCEL is organising a 2+1 day conference on national and regional strategies for sustainable development, with keynote speakers of international reputation. The conference will be open to legal and planning professionals, members of stakeholder groups, government agencies and the general public. It is endorsed by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the South Pacific Regional Environmental Programme (SPREP), and the NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

For information concerning participation, please contact Dr Klaus Bosselmann, Director, NZCEL, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand, fax +64 9 3737574 or email

For information on the programme and registration, please contact The Secretary, NZCEL, at the address above (or email or ). See also the website <>

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