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Editors --- "Glossary of Maori terms" [2007] NZYbkNZJur 11; (2007) 10 Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence 74

Last Updated: 25 April 2015

Glossary of Maˉ ori Terms

Ahi kā Literal meaning ‘sites of burning fires’;

continuous occupation

Aotearoa Literal meaning ‘land of the long white cloud’;

original name of New Zealand Aroha Love, concern, compassion, sorrow Awa River

Hapū Sub tribe

Hui Meeting, assembly

Irirangi Literal meaning ‘hang in the air’; airwaves

Iwi Tribe

Kaikaranga A person who performs a call of welcome

Kaitiakitanga Guardianship, stewardship Karakia Incantation, prayer, ritual Koha Gift, contribution

Kanohi ki te kanohi Face to face

Karanga A call of welcome usually performed by female elders or senior female members of an extended family

Kaumatua, Kaumātua Elder, elders Kaupapa Purpose, objectives Kawa Procedure, protocols Kāwanatanga Governorship Kīngitanga King Movement Kōrero Dialogue

Koro/Koroua Grandfather/male elder

2007 Glossary of Mäori Terms 75

Kuia Female elder

Kura School

Mahau Porch or verandah of a traditional meeting house

Mana Prestige, power, authority Manaaki Show respect or kindness for Mana motuhake Separate or independent authority

Mana whenua Customary authority and title exercise by a tribe or sub-tribe over land and other taonga within the tribal district

Manuhiri/manuwhiri Visitor, guest

Marae Enclosed space in front of a house, a courtyard often used as a tribal meeting place

Marae ātea Marae proper

Māori The indigenous peoples of Aotearoa/New


Mātauranga Māori Customary systems of knowledge including

tikanga and reo (language) Mauri Life force, life principle Mokopuna Grandchild, descendant Paepae Place where orators sit Pākehā People of European descent Papatūānuku Earth mother

Poroporoaki Farewell

Pōwhiri Traditional welcoming ceremony

Pukenga Skills; expert

Puna Source, spring

76 Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence Vol 10

Rangatira Chief, leader who has an ability to weave

people together

Rangatiratanga Chieftainship (see tino rangatiratanga below) Ranginui Sky Father

Raupatu Confiscation

Rohe Boundary, district, area, region

Rūruhi Most especial female elder

Tainui The name of a waka (canoe) and the kinship

group affiliated to that waka

Tāne Revered Ancestor of forest, flora and fauna Tangata whenua People of the land (Māori) Tangi/Tangihanga To weep, cry/mourning ceremony

Taonga Treasured, prized possessions

Takahi Trample

Tapu Sacred

Tauiwi People who have arrived in New Zealand from other places, immigrants

Tāwhiao Second Māori King

Teina Kinship term for junior line

Te Reo Māori The Māori language

Te Paki o Matariki The widespread calm of the constellation Pleiades, and the name of the Coat of Arms of the Kīngitanga, commissioned by King Tāwhiao

Te Whare Wānanga The University of Waikato

o Waikato

Tika Right, correct

2007 Glossary of Mäori Terms 77

Tikanga Māori Laws, ethics and customs of the Māori.

Tangata whenua systems of law and government existed in this country prior to colonisation by the British. Māori society was collectively organised with whakapapa (genealogy) forming the backbone of a

framework of kin-based descent groups, such as iwi and hapū led by rangatira – leaders for their ability to weave people together. Tikanga Māori has been described as ‘the first law of Aotearoa/New Zealand’. Tikanga varies from tribe to tribe and is dynamic.

Tipuna, Tupuna Ancestor

Tīpuna, Tūpuna Ancestors

Tino rangatiratanga A term sourced from the word ‘rangatira’ meaning chief, and used in the Māori text of the Treaty of Waitangi 1840 literally meaning unqualified exercise of chieftainship. The

corresponding term used in the English version of the Treaty is ‘full and exclusive possession’ of all resources and things valuable to Māori

Tuakana Kinship term for a senior line

Tūmanako Hope

Tutu Play around with

Utu Reciprocity, revenge

Waahi tapu Sacred place

Waikato-Tainui A confederation of tribes in the central North


Waka Boat or canoe, or kinship group based on

affiliation to canoe

Wānanga House or school of learning; debate, discuss

Whaea Mother, female adult

Whaikōrero Speak in a formal way

78 Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence Vol 10

Whakapapa Lineage, genealogy, to layer

Whakapono Faith

Whānau Family, descent group, to give birth

Whanaunga Relative

Whanaungatanga Relationships, kinship

Whāngai A person raised by someone other than their biological parents, to raise someone in this manner

Whare House

Whare kai Dining house

Wharenui Ancestral meeting house

Whare tangata Womb, bearer of the next generation

Whenua Land

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