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Table of Contents [2016] OtaLawFS 20; Law, ethics, and medicine: essays in honour of Peter Skegg xi

Last Updated: 31 May 2019

Foreword v

List of Contributors ix

Jesse Wall 1
1 The Criminal Process and Medical Practitioners: Shield and Sword

Margaret Brazier 7

2 Peter Skegg and the Question No-One Asks: Why Presume Capacity?

Jonathan Herring 32

3 Proprietary Rights in Human Bodily Material: Recent Developments

Loane Skene 52
4 Debating Euthanasia: A Reply to Emily Jackson

John Keown 65

5 The Future of Medically Hastened Death in Canada: Why and How

We Should Avoid the Mortal Flaws of Belgium’s Euthanasia Regime

Trudo Lemmens & Elizabeth Kurz 96
6 Lifting Our Gaze: An Epidemiological Approach to Medical Regulation

Marie Bismark 123

7 If Thy Leg Offend Thee, Cut It Off: Surgery, Consent and the

Criminal Law

Josephine Johnston 147

8 “Without Legal Commitment”: Compensation for Research-Related

Injury in Commercially-Sponsored Clinical Trials in New Zealand

Joanna Manning 170

9 Health and Disability Research Ethics Committees in New Zealand:

Will the Current System Prevent Another ‘Unfortunate Experiment’?

Nicola Peart 211

10 The Powers Conferred by Community Treatment Orders

John Dawson 243

11 Genes Versus Gestation: Protecting the Interests of Surrogate Mothers

Mark Henaghan, Ruth Ballantyne, & Devon Helm 266

12 In What Sense ‘Rights’? Principles of Justice and the Code of Patients’


Jesse Wall 293

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