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Richardson, Ivor --- "List of Publications" [2002] VUWLawRw 50; (2002) 33(3&4) Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 677



"Problems in the Removal of Federal Civil Servants" (1955) 54 Michigan Law Review 219.

"Incidents of the Crown-Servant Relationship" (1955) 33 The Canadian Bar Review 424.

"Emancipation of Minors" in Current Trends in State Legislation 1955-1956 (University of Michigan Law School) 263.

"Incidents of the Government-Servant Relationship" (1956) 54 Michigan Law Rev 633.

"The Legal Relation Between an International Organization and its Personnel" (1956) 2 Wayne L Rev 75.

Artificial Insemination" (1956) 30 The Aust LJ 125.

"The Right of Assembly" (1956) 32 NZLJ 265. Continued at 278.

"Some Constitutional Issues Relating to Government Employment (Part II)" (1956) 4 Saint Louis University LR 1.

"Some Constitutional Issues Relating to Government Employment" (1956) 4 Saint Louis University LR 1.

"New Zealand's Claims to the Antarctic" (1957) 33 NZLJ 38.

"Atomic Energy and the Law" (1957) 33 NZLJ 133.

"Religion and the Law" (1959) 35 NZLJ 69. Continued at 90.


with Waldo Hilary Dunn Sir Robert Stout: A Biography (AH and AW Reed, Wellington, 1961).

Religion and the Law – Practice Note No 1 (Sweet & Maxwell, London, 1962).

"Some Aspects of Valuation of Trading Stock for Income Tax Purposes" (1964) 1 NZULR 256.

"Problems in Deductibility of Interest" (1966) 1 Business and Law 46.

"Attitudes to Income Tax Avoidance" (1967) 30 NZJPA 1. Inaugural address delivered at Victoria University of Wellington on 18 April, 1967.

"Taxation of Trusts" (1968) 5 VUWLR 26.

With Robin Congreve, "Appendix (a) – Legal Opinion on Taxation" in William A Poole Co-operative Retailing in New Zealand (Institute of Economic Research, Wellington 1969).

Essays on The Estate & Gift Duties Act 1968 (Sweet & Maxwell, Wellington, 1969) (preface and chapter 1).

"Sir Robert Stout" and "WS Reid" in Robin B Cooke (ed) The Centennial Book of the New Zealand Law Society – Portrait of a Profession (Reed, Wellington, 1969).


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"The Ormrod Report and Legal Education in New Zealand – A Commentary" (1973) 3 OULR 91.

"And Now the New Section 108" [1974] NZLJ 560.

with Robin Congreve Tax Free Fringe Benefits (Rydge Publications, Sydney 1975).

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With Robin Congreve, Adams and Richardson's Law of Estate and Gift Duty (5ed, Butterworths, Wellington 1978).

"Advising on Overseas Law Reform" (1978) 9 VUWLR 385.


"Tax Laws and Tax Litigation" summarised in "Halfway House – The Uneasy Ambivalence of the Tax Law Structure" (1980) 59 The Accountants J 378.

"The Role of an Appellate Judge" (1981) 5 OULR 1.

Committee of Inquiry into Solicitors Nominee Companies Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Solicitors Nominee Companies (Government Printer, Wellington, 1983).

"Professional Negligence: The Shape of Things to Come?" in "Professional Negligence: Current Legal Developments" (3 April 1984) Conference Sponsored by the Faculty of Law, Monash University, Melbourne.

"Judicial Decision-making: A New Zealand Perspective" [1984] Law Institute J 545.

"Appellate Court Responsibilities and Tax Avoidance" (1985) 2 Australian Tax Forum 3.

"The Role of Judges As Policy Makers" (1985) 15 VUWLR 46.

"Thirteenth Wilfred Fullagar Memorial Lecture: Judges As Lawmakers in the 1990s" [1986] MonashULawRw 4; (1986) 12 Monash ULR 35.

"The Role of the Courts in Industrial Relations" (1987) 12 New Zealand J of Industrial Relations 113.

Royal Commission on Social Policy, The April Report: Report of the Royal Commission on Social Policy (Wellington, 1988).

"F W Guest Memorial Lecture 1989: Commissions of Inquiry" (1989) 7 OULR 1.

"Educating Lawyers for the 21st Century" [1989] NZLJ 86.


"The Concept of Income and Tax Policy" (1990) 4 CULR 203.

"Economics and Law: The Courtroom Reality" in Richardson, Vautier, Merrin and Farmer (eds) New Zealand Law Society, Supplementary Papers: Economics and the Law (Wellington, 1990).

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Rex Ahdar (ed) Competition Law and Policy in New Zealand (Sydney, Law Book Co, 1991) ( foreword)

"Changing Needs for Judicial Decision-making" (1991) 1 J of Judicial Administration 61.

Mark Henaghan and Bill Atkin (eds) Family Law Policy in New Zealand (Oxford University Press, Auckland, 1992) (foreword).

"Public Law and Constitutional Issues" [1993] NZLJ 198.

"Lawyers and Economic Consequences" (1993) New Zealand Law Conference Conference Papers Volume 1, 351.

"Tax Law: How Can the System Generate the Cash Needs of Government, and Still be Fair to the Ordinary Taxpayer?" (1993) New Zealand Law Conference Conference Papers Volume 2, 200.

with Sir Michael Hardie Boys, Young, Upton, New Zealand Law Society Seminar: Appeals (August 1993).

"Opening of New Law Building, University of Canterbury" [1993] NZLJ 289.

"Directions for Tax Administration: Two Recent Reports" (1994) 22 Federal LR 461.Organisational Review Committee

Organisational Review of the Inland Revenue Department: Report to the Minister of Revenue (Government Printer, Wellington, 1994).

"Organisational Review" in The 1995 Tax Conference: Rotorua 29 & 30 September (New Zealand Society of Accountants, Wellington, 1995).

"Rights Jurisprudence – Justice For All?" in Phillip Joseph (ed) Essays on the Constitution (Butterworths, Wellington, 1995) 61.

"Family Property Symposium: Welcome Address" (1995) 25 VUWLR 1.

"The Courts and the Public" (1995) 5 J of Judicial Administration 82.

"Launch of Journals by Sir Ivor Richardson" (1995) 1 NZ J of Taxation Law and Policy 196.

"The Harkness Henry Lecture: Public Interest Litigation" (1995) 3 WULR 1.

"(Provisional) Practice Notes – Civil Appeals/Criminal Appeals" (1996) Lawtalk 460.

"Court of Appeal Reforms" (Paper presented to the New Zealand Bar Association Conference, 27 July 1996) 2.

"Foreword" (1996) 26 VUWLR V.

"The Impact and Influence of Accounting and Economic Principles on Taxation Law" (1998) 4 New Zealand J of Taxation Law and Policy 18.

"Law and Economics" (1998) 4 NZBLQ 64.

"What Can Commercial Lawyers Expect of a Legal System?" (1998) 4 NZBLQ 128.

"Appellate Case Management Techniques in New Zealand" (Speech delivered at the Second Worldwide Common Law Judiciary Conference, Washington, published in The Federal Lawyer, October 1998).

"Assumptions Underlying Legal Rules" [1999] 1 NZLR 149.

"Law, Economics and Judicial Decision-Making" in Megan Richardson and Gillian Hadfield The Second Wave of Law and Economics (The Federation Press, Sydney, 1999) 129.


Rex Ahdar and John Stenhouse (eds), God and Government The New Zealand Experience (University of Otago, Dunedin, 2000) (foreword).

"Family Courts: Some Questions for Consideration" (2000) 3 Family LJ 113.

"The Courts and Access to Justice" (2000) 31 VUWLR 163.

"Law and the Law School in the Twenty-First Century" (2000) 31 VUWLR 55.

Rt Hon Sir Ivor Richardson "Trends in Judgment Writing in the New Zealand Court of Appeal" in Rick Bigwood, Legal Method in New Zealand (Butterworths, Wellington, 2001) 261.

Rt Hon Sir Ivor Richardson "Law and Economics – And Why New Zealand Needs It" (2001) NZBLQ.

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