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Select one of the data formats above to download the act. You may be prompted to save the file to disk, or it may appear in your browser window depending on your setup. See download instructions for more information on how to configure your browser for easy downloading of acts.

A Note About Compressed Files

If a files above size is marked "approx" then the file size given is only an estimate of how big the file will be once it has been stored on your hard disk. File compression has been used to speed download time -- this is particularly effective when downloading RTF files. You should not need to worry about decompressing the file -- your browser will do this automatically for you. If your browser does not support automatic decompression, or does not support it properly, then the NZLII web server will perform the decompression for you, at the expense of significantly longer download times.

Both Netscape and Internet Explorer, as well as other browsers such as Lynx, support streaming decompression ("gzip encoding") in their most recent versions. While the vast majority of users should not even notice that we are now sending compressed RTF some may experience problems. If you do, please contact NZLII via Feedback.

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