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Canterbury Provincial Ordinances

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Lyttelton and Christchurch Railway Ordinance 1859 (Disallowed)

13. The Lyttelton and Christchurch Railway Ordinance 1859


1. Railway to be made.

2. Superintendent to construct railway and take lands required.

3. Limits of land to be taken.

4. How compensation to be awarded.

5. Compensation to be paid out of general revenues.

6. Superintendent to execute a Deed Poll.

7. Property of railway to be vested in Superintendent.

8. Contracts made by Commissioners valid.

9. £235,000 granted to make railway.

10. Title.


This Ordinance was passed by the Canterbury Provincial Council on 21st

December 1859, and reserved for the assent of the Governor who withheld his

assent. See New Zealand Government Gazette, No. 5, 7th February 1860, page


The full text of this Ordinance was not included in the Volume of Ordinances published by Charles Lucas, the Official Printer of the Canterbury Provincial Government.

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