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Canterbury Provincial Ordinances

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Superintendent’s Salary Ordinance 1870

4. The Superintendent’s Salary Ordinance 1870.

[23rd January 1874.]

Whereas an Ordinance was passed by the Superintendent and Provincial Council of the Province of Canterbury intituled “The Superintendent’s Salary Ordinance Repeal Ordinance 1868,” and whereas it is expedient to amend the said Ordinance.

Be it therefore enacted by the Superintendent of the said Province of Canterbury with the advice and consent of the Provincial Council thereof as follows:

1. Repealing Clause.

Section 2 of “The Superintendent’s Salary Ordinance Repeal Ordinance 1868” is hereby repealed and the following provision is made in lieu thereof From and after the first day of October one thousand eight hundred and seventy the Annual Salary payable and to be paid to the Superintendent of the said Province for the time being and his successors in office shall be the sum of Eight Hundred Pounds.

2. Title.

This Ordinance shall be intituled and may be cited as “The Superintendent’s Salary Ordinance 1870.”

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