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New Zealand Law Commission

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New Zealand Law Commission


Preliminary Paper

PP 24 Succession Law - Testamentary Claims
PP 25 The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
PP 26 The Evidence of Children and Other Vulnerable Witnesses
PP 27 Evidence Law : Character and Credibility : a Discussion Paper (PDF)
PP 28 Criminal Prosecution (PDF)
PP 29 Evidence Law : Witness Anonymity (PDF)
PP 30 Repeal of the Contracts Enforcement Act 1956 (PDF)
PP 31 Compensation for Wrongful Conviction or Prosecution (PDF)
PP 32 Juries in Criminal Trials: Part One (PDF)
PP 33 Defaming Politicians: A response to Lange v Atkinson (PDF)
PP 34 Retirement Villages (PDF)
PP 35 Shared Ownership of Land (PDF)
PP 36 Coroners: A Review (PDF)
PP 37 Juries in Criminal Trials: Part Two (PDF)
PP 38 Adoption: Options for Reform
PP 39 Limitation of Civil Actions (PDF)
PP 40 Misuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (PDF)
PP 41 Battered Defendants - Victims of Domestic Violence Who Offend
PP 42 Acquittal Following Perversion of the Course of Justice: A Response to R v Moore
PP 43 Subsidising Litigation
PP 44 The Future of the Joint Family Homes Act (PDF)
PP 45 Reforming the Rules of General Discover (PDF)
PP 46 Improving the Arbitration Act 1996 (PDF)
PP 47 Family Court Dispute Resolution (PDF)
PP 48 Some Problems in the Law of Trusts
PP 49 Protecting Personal Information from Disclosure (PDF)
PP 50 Entry, Search and Seizure
PP 51 Striking the Balance: Your Opportunity to Have Your Say on the New Zealand Court System (PDF)
PP 52 Seeking Solutions: Options for Change to the New Zealand Court System: Have Your Say: Part 2 (PDF)
PP 53 Life Insurance (PDF)
PP 54 New Issues in Legal Parenthood
PP 55 Reforming Criminal Pre-Trial Processes (PDF)


R 1 Imperial Legislation in Force in New Zealand (No electronic version available)
R 3 The Accident Compensation Scheme: Interim Report on Aspects of Funding (No electronic version available)
R 4 Personal Injury: Prevention and Recovery: Report on the Accident Compensation Scheme (No electronic version available)
R 6 Limitation defences in civil proceedings (PDF)
R 7 The Structure of the Courts (PDF)
R 8 A Personal Property Securities Act for New Zealand (No electronic version available)
R 9 Company Law: Reform and Restatement (No electronic version available)
R 11 Legislation and its Interpretation: Statutory Publications Bill (No electronic version available)
R 12 First Report on Emergencies: Use of the Armed Forces (No electronic version available)
R 13 Intellectual Property: the Context for Reform (No electronic version available)
R 14 Criminal Procedure: Part One Disclosure and Committal (PDF)
R 16 Company law reform: Transition and Revision (PDF)
R 17 A New Interpretation Act to avoid "Prolixity and Tantology" (No electronic version available)
R 18 Aspects of Damages: Employment Contracts and the Rule in Addis v Gramophone Co (PDF)
R 19 Aspects of Damages: the Rules in Bain v Fothergill and Joyner v Weeks (No electronic version available)
R 20 Arbitration (No electronic version available)
R 22 Final Report on Emergencies (PDF)
R 23 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: NZ Proposed Acceptance (PDF)
R 25 Contract Statutes Review (No electronic version available)
R 27 The Format of Legislation (No electronic version available)
R 28 Apsects of Damages: The Award of Interest on Money Claims (PDF)
R 29 A New Propery Law Act (PDF)
R 30 Community Safety: Mental Health and Criminal Justice Issues (PDF)
R 31 Police Questioning (PDF)
R 33 Annual Report 1995
R 34 International Law and The Law of New Zealand
R 35 Legislation Manual Structure and Style
R 36 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1996
R 37 Crown Liability and Judicial Immunity: A response to Baigent's case and Harvey v Derrick
R 38 Succession Law: Homocidal Heirs
R 39 Succession Law: A Succession (Adjustment Act) - Modernising the Law on Sharing Property on Death
R 40 Review of the Official Information Act 1982
R 41 Succession Law - A Succession (Wills) Act
R 43 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1997
R 44 Habeas Corpus Procedure
R 45 The Treaty Making Process - Reform and the Role of Parliament
R 46 Some Insurance Law Problems
R 47 Apportionment of Civil Liability
R 48 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1998
R 49 Compensating the Wrongly Convicted (PDF)
R 50 Electronic Commerce - Part One
R 51 Dishonestly Procuring Valuable Benefits
R 52 Cross-Border Insolvency - Should New Zealand Adopt UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency?
R 53 Justice - The Experience of Maori Women
R 54 Computer Misuse
R 55 Evidence Report 55 - VOL. 1, 2, Evidence Miscellaneous Paper 13
R 57 Retirement Villages (PDF)
R 58 Electronic Commerce - Part Two
R 59 Shared Ownership of Land (PDF)
R 60 Costs in Criminal Cases (PDF)
R 62 Coroners (PDF)
R 64 Defaming Politicians - A Response to Lange v Atkinson
R 65 Adoption and Its Alternatives: A Different Approach and a New Framework (PDF)
R 66 Criminal Prosecution
R 67 Tax and Privilege: Legal Professional Privilege and the Commissioner of Inland Revenue's Powers to Obtain Information (PDF)
R 68 Electronic Commerce Part Three: Remaining Issues (PDF)
R 69 Juries in Criminal Trials (PDF)
R 70 Acquittal Following Perversion of the Course of Justice
R 71 Misuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (PDF)
R 72 Subsidising Litigation (PDF)
R 73 Some Criminal Defences with Particular Reference to Battered Defendants (PDF)
R 74 Minority Buy-Outs (PDF)
R 76 Proof of Disputed Facts on Sentence (PDF)
R 77 The Future of the Joint Family Homes Act
R 78 General Discovery
R 79 Some Problems in the Law of Trusts
R 80 Protections Some Disadvantaged People May Need
R 81 Annual_Report_2001-2002 (PDF)
R 82 Dispute Resolution in the Family Court
R 83 Improving the Arbitration Act 1996
R 84 Annual_Report_2002-2003 (PDF)
R 85 Delivering Justice For All: A Vision for New Zealand Courts and Tribunals (PDF)
R 86 Annual_Report_2003-2004 (PDF)
R 87 Life Insurance (PDF)
R 88 New Issues in Legal Parenthood (PDF)
R 89 Criminal Pre-Trial Processes : Justice Through Efficiency (PDF)
R 90 Annual_Report_2004-2005 (PDF)
R 91 Forfeiture under the Customs and Excise Act 1996 (PDF)
R 92 Waka Umanga : A Proposed Law for Maori Governance Entities (PDF)
R 93 Access to Court Records (PDF)
R 94 Sentencing Guidelines and Parole Reform (PDF)
R 95 Annual_Report_2005-2006 (PDF)
R 96 Reforming the Law of Sedition (PDF)
R 97 Search And Surveillance Powers (PDF)
R 98 The Partial Defence Of Provocation (PDF)
R 99 Annual_Report_2006-2007 (PDF)
R 100 Habeas Corpus Refining The Procedure (PDF)
R 101 Public Registers: Review of the Law of Privacy Stage 2 (PDF)
R 102 A New Inquiries Act (PDF)
R 103 Disclosure to Court of Defendants’ Previous Convictions, Similar Offending, and Bad Character (PDF)
R 104 Presentation of New Zealand Statute Law (PDF)
R 105 Annual_Report_2007-2008 (PDF)

Study Papers

SP 1 Women's Access to Legal Services
SP 2 Priority Debts in the Distribution of Insolvent Estates (PDF)
SP 3 Protecting Construction Contractors (PDF)
SP 4 Recognising Same-sex Relationships (PDF)
SP 5 International Trade Conventions
SP 6 To Bind their King in Chains (PDF)
SP 7 Simplification of Criminal Procedure Legislation (PDF)
SP 8 Determining Representation Rights under Te Ture Whenua Mäori Act 1993 (PDF)
SP 9 Mäori Custom and Values in New Zealand Law (PDF)
SP 10 Mandatory Orders Against The Crown and Tidying Judicial Review
SP 11 Insolvency Law Reform: Promoting Trust and Confidence (PDF)
SP 12 Electronic Technology and Police Investigations - Some Issues
SP 13 Treaty of Waitangi Claims: Addressing the Post-Settlement Phase
SP 14 Liability for Loss Resulting from the Development, Supply,or Use of Genetically Modified Organisms
SP 15 Intimate Covert Filming (PDF)
SP 16 The Infringement System A Framework for Reform (PDF)
SP 17 Converging Currents - Custom and Human Rights in the Pacific (PDF)
SP 18 Further Reform of Habeas Corpus Procedure (PDF)
SP 19 Privacy Concepts and Issues (PDF)
SP 20 Tribunal Reform (PDF)

Miscellaneous Papers

MP 1 Regional Analysis of Variations in District Court Sentencing (PDF)
MP 2 Succession Law Wills Reforms (PDF)
MP 3 Information about Lawyers’ Fees (PDF)
MP 4 Women’s Access to Legal Information (PDF)
MP 8 Women’s Access to Civil Legal Aid (PDF)
MP 9 Women’s Access to Legal Advice and Representation (PDF)
MP 10 Lawyers’ Costs in Family Law Disputes (PDF)
MP 11 The Education and Training of Law Students and Lawyers (PDF)
MP 13 Evidence Total Recall (PDF)
MP 15 Waka Umanga (PDF)
MP 16 Limitation Defences in Civil Cases Update Report for the Law Commission (PDF)
MP 19 A Conceptual Approach to Privacy (PDF)

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