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New Zealand Law Commission

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New Zealand Law Commission


R 33 Annual Report 1995
R 34 International Law and The Law of New Zealand
R 35 Legislation Manual Structure and Style
R 36 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1996
R 37 Crown Liability and Judicial Immunity: A response to Baigent's case and Harvey v Derrick
R 38 Succession Law: Homocidal Heirs
R 39 Succession Law: A Succession (Adjustment Act) - Modernising the Law on Sharing Property on Death
R 40 Review of the Official Information Act 1982
R 41 Succession Law - A Succession (Wills) Act
R 43 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1997
R 44 Habeas Corpus Procedure
R 45 The Treaty Making Process - Reform and the Role of Parliament
R 46 Some Insurance Law Problems
R 47 Apportionment of Civil Liability
R 48 Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1998
R 50 Electronic Commerce - Part One
R 51 Dishonestly Procuring Valuable Benefits
R 52 Cross-Border Insolvency - Should New Zealand Adopt UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency?
R 53 Justice - The Experience of Mäori Women
R 54 Computer Misuse
R 55 Evidence Report 55 - VOL. 1, 2, Evidence Miscellaneous Paper 13
R 58 Electronic Commerce - Part Two
R 64 Defaming Politicians - A Response to Lange v Atkinson
R 66 Criminal Prosecution
R 70 Acquittal Following Perversion of the Course of Justice
R 77 The Future of the Joint Family Homes Act
R 78 General Discovery
R 79 Some Problems in the Law of Trusts
R 80 Protections Some Disadvantaged People May Need
R 82 Dispute Resolution in the Family Court
R 83 Improving the Arbitration Act 1996

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