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NZLII: 2020 Donations

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Thanks to our existing contributors

NZLII's 2019 contributors included 5 organisations and individuals from the legal profession, 1 universities and academic institutions, 1 Government agencies, 0 organisations from business and industry, 0 Courts, Tribunals and regulators, and many other small contributors.

NZLII thanks all those organisations and individuals that provide it with funding, data and other assistance.

NZLII's contributors - an invitation to join us

NZLII is a free-access service which is not funded by usage charges or advertisements. Contributors from a wide range of organisations and individuals who have an interest in facilitating access to legal information fund NZLII. By broadening its range of contributors, NZLII aims to lighten the burden on any particular organisation or individual of funding access to legal information.

New contributors are welcome. Organisations and individuals from the legal profession, courts, tribunals and regulators, universities, business, government and others are invited to become NZLII "contributors" by making whatever funding contribution they consider is appropriate. Their contributions will be recognised on this page and by other means, unless anonymity is preferred. Enquiries should be addressed to NZLII , or you can use our contribution form.

For online donations by credit card please use our online form.

NZLII funding sources - by value

A number of organisations and individuals have contributed valuable funding assistance to NZLII to continue its development. Listed below are NZLII's current funding sources.

NZ Council for Law Reporting$30,000$30,000
[University of Otago]$15,000$15,000
Auckland Council----------$5,000
Senior member of judiciary$2,500----------
Anonymous Contributors$2,760$2,520 In 2020, 8 anonymous contributors have assisted with funding NZLII.
Contributors under $1,000$1,473.61$777 2020 Contributors: Phillip Cornege ($500); Devil's Advocate Consulting ($250); James Meager ($220); Juno Legal ($168.61); John Benjamin Hamlin (Ben) ($100); Richard McKenna ($100); Luke Ameye ($50); Natalie Wham ($50); Fergus Whyte ($35); .

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