2022 Appeal - Please help us provide the community with free access to the law


We are asking all our users to help keep NZLII running. We are deeply grateful to everyone who donates, not only because you donated, but also because your contributions are a vote of confidence in us and in our mission of helping others find and understand the law.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt society, NZLII is playing a crucial role in supporting the legal profession, business, industry, government, courts, academics, students, and the general public. Our anonymised access figures indicate increased usage of NZLII's services, with a record over 31.5 million accesses in 2021. We have 212 databases, containing over 500,000 documents. So please donate now to help us continue to expand NZLII's content and support access to justice.


NZLII believes that free access to public legal information is a democratic right that promotes the rule of law, justice, and better equality before the law.

We have a large backlog of things we both want and have been asked to do. Donations would enable us to direct resources to this long list of things.

Please donate today to make NZLII even better and more useful. Donations are tax deductible. Donations can be a one-off or you can join our wonderful group who make extremely welcome small regular donations.

Thank you.