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New search features and interface

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NZLII's new search features and interface

27 July 2006

This document outlines features of NZLII’s new search facility (called AutoSearch) and other aspects of the new NZLII interface.

AutoSearch features

This is only the first version of AutoSearch. Other types of assistance to users are under development. This page will be updated as new features are added.

Improved results interface and search features

The following new features are available on NZLII as of today. We hope you like them. Feedback is welcome and should be sent via NZLII Feedback.

New results display options

The page displaying results of any NZLII search now offers four different methods of display, which the user can choose to use in any order. We suggest that users experiment with the various ways in which search results can be displayed.

Other changes to the results display page

New search features

NZLII’s Sino search engine has been re-written substantially. The changes in Version 3.0 of Sino will have more effect on those managing databases, but the following aspects will affect all NZLII users.

The Sino Manual is at < >


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